From The Star to the PGA and all the developments around town, Frisco is growing and has a lot of exciting things happening that make us a unique place to live. Across many City Councils, Frisco has done it right and is poised for long term success.

Brian has held up his campaign promises to be against high density urban development as well as urban living units next to existing neighborhoods and will continue to vote accordingly. However, he is not anti-apartment and will work with developers and citizens to make sure future development benefits everyone.

Longer term, Brian wants to start planning now for changes in how Frisco funds our economic development to ensure that we keep taxes low now and in the future. He supports economic development but wants to make sure that everyone gets to benefit from the growth and excitement and not just fuel more growth.

He believes most new deals will work in the future, with limited incentives, because people want to be in Frisco!!

He believes that any organization that can afford to do anything will make mistakes and taxpayers will pay ultimately pay for it. Basically, he is concerned about Frisco eventually becoming a victim of its own successes.