Brian Livingston

Frisco City Council Place #6

Brian currently holds the office of Frisco City Council, Place #6 representing the entire city of Frisco. He is a member of the City of Frisco Budget & Audit, Legislative and Governance Committees.

Councilman Livingston was re-elected to his second term in November 2020 during the COVID-19 extended municipal election. He received a record setting 41,128 votes, more than any Frisco city councilman or mayor has ever received in a contested election.

Brian currently serves on the Frisco Budget & Audit, Governance and Legislative Affairs Committees. During his first term, he was selected by his colleagues to be the City Council liaison to the Frisco Planning Recovery Team to help Frisco combat the effects of COVID-19.

Re-elect Brian Livingston for Frisco City Council

As I begin my bid for re-election to Frisco City Council for my 3rd and final term, I want to reflect a bit on my first six years of service and look forward a bit.

During my time on council some amazing things have happened. 

  • The PGA headquarters, golf courses and Omni PGA Frisco were approved and will open soon.
  • We approved the first ever Senior Tax Freeze to protect our seniors.
  • We initiated the first Homestead Tax Exemption and have increased it to 12.5% this year.
  • We implemented an improved worker’s compensation policy to better protect our employees and their families.
  • The first trail of Grand Park was opened.

The question that I am always asked is, “what have you done?” Let’s answer that here.

  • I have been a team player with my council colleagues. We don’t always agree but we work well together to do what is best for Frisco. Our successes are not individual ones.
  • I was the sole vote against 2 new multifamily developments that I thought were wrong for Frisco.
  •  I pushed for and ultimately got Wade Park developers to fix their fencing and remove debris that had been affecting nearby residents.
  • I was the only council member to publicly state I wanted the unapproved “gender neutral” bathroom/Locker room policy at the Frisco Athletic Center stopped and ultimately had the signs taken down same day.
  • In my first year on the City of Frisco Budget & Audit Committee, I recommended and achieved over a 13% reduction in our EDC operating budget.
  • I pushed for and achieved moving a high rise building away from residences near Hall Park.
  • I voted against the new city of Frisco Employee Clinic and will continue to vote against other things that spend taxpayer funds I don’t believe are the responsibility of government.
  • I have focused on improving the relationship between Denton County officials and the City of Frisco and will continue to do so.

In my next term, I hope to keep doing a lot of the same such as eliminating wasteful spending, fighting density and getting tax relief to our citizens. Some of my goals:

  • Get Downtown Frisco redevelopment started and empower the stakeholders to make it vibrant and family friendly.
  • Get Grand Park development moving faster now that it has started and prepared for future councils to improve.
  • Assist the new developers in filling in the 50 foot hole at Wade Park and get development started.
  • Continue to make sure our first responders are trained, equipped, staffed, compensated and protected.
  • As mentioned above, continue monitoring our budget to remove unnecessary expenses.
  • Increase our Homestead Exemption to the 20% maximum allowed by state law.